AUDACE. The one who fearless face a danger.

February, 1982. Port of La Spezia, the first encounter with what would be my house for the next 18 months, the Italian Navy’s destroyer “AUDACE D 551”.

The memory of the first time we sailed for the open sea is still vivid in my mind, as well as experiences, adventures and that bond which day after day is indissolubly established with the sea and with the people who lived from the sea. A wonderful story culminated in the peace mission during the Lebanon war, where the destroyer Audace made its contribution. The sea has left its indelible mark in my soul to the point that I can’t spend a single day without the need to see and smell it.

Ancona, 1987. Selection for sales manager of an important jewelry company. Although totally stranger to this world, I boldly decided to participate and with great surprise I discovered I was chosen. I have devoted all my passion and my commitment to this job, and the goals and results I had obtained, gave me the strength to pursue always new aims, just as if I sailed offshore in search of new lands. Until I reach my greatest goal, the realization of my own line of jewels.

June, 2010. The sea gave me another extraordinary adventure. Three friends joined by the same passion embarked on the sailing regatta "La Civitanova Sebenico". 100 miles on board the "Carpe Diem", a 7-meter sailboat with 50 years of history behind. After a night at the mercy of ​​a sea force 6 and a very long thunderstorm, we reached the goal and concluded our regatta. This experience has increased our passion for the navigation world so much to infuse in one of the two friends the desire to become the owner and skipper of "Hurukan" sailing boat champion of the world class O.R.C. in 2014. To celebrate the great finish line and as a good luck gift to the Hurukan crew, I developed and realized the ANCHOR D551 bracelet.

From here, the idea of ​​creating the "Audace" jewelry line. The constant search for precious and alternative materials, high quality, new lines and shapes, accurate design, meticulous attention to the creation of every object, born in the sign of Italian craftsmanship, distinguish from the beginning the collection "Audace".

To the 925 thousandths silver, finely worked by our master goldsmiths, we join other Italian excellences such as natural leather and Tuscan leather. The experience and the skillful hands of our leather goods manufacturers, weave cleverly the 8 elements that make up our cord, making it precious with unique details that complete the clasp. Natural stones, such as agate, onyx, turquoise, lapis lazuli, complete our collections. Gold in its various 18kt, 14kt, and 9kt carats makes precious our lines giving a touch of charm.

Our Advantages

Constant search

Constant search for precious and alternative materials.

High quality

High quality, new lines and shapes, accurate design.

Meticulous attention

Strictly handmade in Italy.

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